Thursday, March 6, 2008

March 6th, 2008

Here we go, the start of the Berkeley Fire CrossFit Blog. As far as I know phase two should be starting soon. I know the A shift and the C shift have started working out already. If you want to start some workouts check out to get the workout of the day, or talk to your shift trainers. Remember that all workouts are scalable in weight and in reps. So what are you waiting for!


Vandy said...

Today at Station 2 we all did a 5000 meter row on the new Concept 2 rowers. Top Three times were Hump (Bob) 18:19 ouch! Izzy (Ian) 19:15 nice work after "Cindy" and Keir 19:21. It was a lot of fun cheering everyone on. The rowers are really nice.

Anonymous said...