Sunday, June 29, 2008


Five rounds for max reps of:
Body weight bench press

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Helen and Frans sick love child

Coach Glassman combined to tough workout into a brutal workout. Here is how it went.
3 rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
1.5 pood Kettlebell swing, 21 reps
95 pound Thruster, 21 reps
21 Pull-up

I tried to get Bob to join me but he would not have any off it. I scaled the weight of the thrusters back to 65 pounds because I want to finish before roll call. Everything else was Rx'd.

Thrusters and running is a rough combo.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Ready, Set, ROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We sat our asses in the rower seats, dug our heels in and tested ourselves today. Third day of the tour, there was talk of taking the day off, and then I said to myself - Did America quit when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? NO!!! Did Clinton stop commiting adultery after getting caught? NO!!! Does Harryman look forward to F.P'ing the Steamworks? YES!!! Did the Raiders quit when they continued to lose games year in and year out? YES!!! Does Guzman still own those salmon colored nutters? DUNNO!!!
What am I trying to say..........I have no freaking clue anymore. But what I do know is that we worked hard today. The workout was - Row 500 meters x6, with 1 minute rest between intervals for time. Here are the players and results.

Kandi - 2:08.3/2:03.6/2:06.2/2:06.6/2:03.6/2:02
Snelly - 2:08.7/2:03.4/2:06/2:05.1/2:08.7/2:04.8
Haryyman - 1:59.5/1:57/1:50/1:47/1:56.6/1:52
Lucero - 1:52.1/1:56.1/1:59.1/2:04/2:05.8/1:58.6
Whitey - 1:44.5/1:43.3/1:40.8/1:40.2/1:39.9/1:38.0

We've done this workout before and the reults were very good. Kandi, Snell and Whitey had inprovements in 5 of the 6 interval times. Harryman was coming off the hot apple trots the past week, but did improve in 3 of the six times. And Lucero we're trying to figure out what happened, he regressed in 4 or 5 of the 6 intervals. He confided to me in private that his pending vasectomy was at the forefront of his mind and that affected his performance. So I told him his secret was safe with me and not to worry about it, and we'd get 'em next time.

3 Kings + 2 Queens = Full House

Full compliment of players today. King's Brian, Jason, and Kevin were there. Also in the hizzy were Queen's Kandi and Snelly. Circuit for the day was as follows:

Round 1
Row - 400 meters
Wall Ball - 20 reps (14 lbs)
Burpees - 15
Box Jumps - 15
Jump Rope - 100 passes

Round 2
Row - 500 M
Wall Ball - 18
Burpees - 12
Box Jumps - 12
Jump Rope - 100 passes

Round 3
Row - 600 M
Wall Ball - 15
Burpees - 10
Box Jumps - 10
Jump Rope - 100 passes

Round 4
Row - 500 M
Wall Ball - 15
Burpees - 10
Box Jumps - 10
Jump Rope - 100 passes

Round 5
Row - 750M

Posted times are below:

Snelly - 27:07
Harryman - 27:17
Lucero - 29:54
Gill - 25:30
Whitey - 21:53

Friday, June 20, 2008

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:

65 pound Thruster, 10 reps
10 Pull-ups

Humphrey - 10 rounds
Vandy - 11 1/2 rounds

Bob and I finished with a 2000 meter row for a cool down. Nice work!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Look who showed up today.

Guest appearance by Adam "Lurch" Cooke. Claims he rowed crew in college, and that he probably doesn't need to do that part of the workout. Answer = NO!! The gangly one hung in there, and finished strong. Workout and times below.

5 rounds with a final 6th round of a 750m row only.

Row - 400m/400m/500m/400m/400m
Kettle Bell - 20/20/20/20/20 reps.
Sit ups - 25/25/25/25/25 reps.
Box Jump - 15/12/10/10/10
Wall Ball - 15/12/10/10/10 reps.

Finished with 750 row.

Snelly: 28:19
Cooke: 29:45
Whitey: 23:18

"I'm off probation dude, it's ok I said that right."

Famous words from the pie hole of Tim MacIssac. His new credo is , "Hey dude, Im off probation now." So after he inquired as to Whitey's age (which doesn't need to be printed here), and gave that 'wow, you're kinda old' look, followed with a "well then I should finish waaaaayyyyyy ahead of you" comment...........well, it stirred the fire within to try and crush Little Timmy. Work out below with times for those who FINISHED.

Round 1
Row - 500m
Push Press - 18 (75 lbs) weight same throughout
SDLHP - 18 (65 lbs) weight same throughout
Jump Rope - 100 passes
Burpees - 10

Round 2
Row -500m
Push Press - 15
SDLHP - 15
Jump Rope - 100 passes
Burpees - 10

Round 3
Row - 500m
Push Press - 12
SDLHP - 12
Jump Rope - 100 passes
Burpees - 10

Round 4
Row - 500m
Push Press - 12
SDLHP - 12
Jump Rope - 100 passes
Burpees - 10

Round 5
Row - 1000m

Snell: 33:03
Whitey: 21:52

Funny that the mouth's name isnt on the finishers list. Is it because he almost puked during round 2? He claims its because he got a call. Morale of the story = age doesnt matter Timmy, it's a state of mind dude. When you're ready to 'bring' your A game, we'll try again.

Friday, June 13, 2008


Three rounds for time of:
800 meter run
50 back extensions
50 sit ups

Good old back extensions! No workers comp today since I was the only one to do this workout.
Vandy-17:49 (used treadmill at Station 2)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3

Everyone's favorite workout. Pat and I did this workout today after running many trips here and there for the hose testing.

Pat: 225-275-305-325-355
Vandy: 185-205-225-235-245*
* 245 was also a single rep PR for me.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Snelly and Whitey sitting in a tree........

Just me and my boy today, so we decided to tone it down. Put together a good workout, not timed, just do it. As it played out, we noticed that there really isnt any taking it easy. So the workout became a challange and we battled it. Here it is:

6 rounds
Row - 500 meters
Push Press - 75 lbs/15 reps
GHD sit ups - Snell 10 reps/White 20 reps
Ring Pull ups - 10 reps

Back To Basics

Went old school today. We decided to mix some bench press and bicep curls with the modern thrusters, and conclude the workout with a little row. Here's how it broke down:

Players - Cooke, Harryman, Snell, White
Bench Press - White/Harryman 75 lbs/21 reps. Snell/Cooke 45 lbs/21 reps
Thrusters - all players, 65 lbs/18 reps
Bench Press - White/Harryman 95 lbs/15 reps. Snell/Cooke 65 lbs/15 reps
Thrusters - all, 65 lbs/15 reps
Bench Press - White/Harryman 115 lbs/12 reps. Snell/Cooke 75 lbs/12 reps
Thrusters - all, 65 lbs/12 reps
Bench Press - White/Harryman 135 lbs/9 reps. Snell/Cooke 95 lbs/9 reps
Thrusters - all, 65 lbs/9 reps

The bench press sequence was repeated, BUT, air squats were done in place of thrusters in the second round. White did thrusters though.

Next we loaded a curl bar with 35 lbs. and passed it around each taking their turn, and stepped the reps up by one each round. Began with 1 rep, and ramped up to 15, each person doing from 1-15 in increasing count. All told 120 reps each.

Finally, as if that wasnt enough punishment, we ended with a 2000 meter row. Of which, Snell posted a PR!!!!!!! A PR after a fat workout is very impressive. Bested his 2000 row time by 20+ seconds. That's it folks.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Something a little different.

Got involved with Kettle Bells today. Then thought, hey let's row some too. So we did some rowing and we did some k. bell'in. Good workout, not to much bitching from the lads. Here it is:

Row - 250m
Kettle Bell - 21 reps (White/Harryman 16 kg, Snell 12 kg)
Row - 500m
Kettle Bell - 18
Row - 750m
Kettle Bell - 15
Row - 1000m
Kettle Bell - 12
Row - 750m
Kettle Bell - 9
Row - 500m
Kettle Bell - 6
Row - 250m
Kettle Bell - 3

Recovery time continues to improve after hevy workout's. I think this stuff is working!!!! Would love to see other shifts, other stations try some of these cicuit workouts and post to comments. Our times below.

Harryman - 21:56
Snelly - 24:32
Whitey - 19:42

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

No Kevin VanderEnde, no problem. The other Kevin stepped in today, The Punisher administered some pain to Hump and Morgan. They had a choice to do 25 minutes of the following or set an amount of cycles to do - they choose 6 cycles (hehehehehehe). Shoulda choosen the 25 minutes.

So it was 6 cycles of:

Row 300 meters
Push Press - 15 reps (Hump/Whitey 75 lbs., MJC 65 lbs.)
Burpees - 15
Box Dips - 25
Sit ups - 25

Finishing times:

MJC - 32:20
Hump - 37:52
Whitey - 23:58

Humphrey said something about hating burpees, and that he didnt sleep well last night, and his knee ached, and that being tall wasnt advantageous to this sort of workout, and that he wished he could do 65 lb Push Presses, and that his rower must need greasing, and that.......well you get the point.