Saturday, June 7, 2008

Back To Basics

Went old school today. We decided to mix some bench press and bicep curls with the modern thrusters, and conclude the workout with a little row. Here's how it broke down:

Players - Cooke, Harryman, Snell, White
Bench Press - White/Harryman 75 lbs/21 reps. Snell/Cooke 45 lbs/21 reps
Thrusters - all players, 65 lbs/18 reps
Bench Press - White/Harryman 95 lbs/15 reps. Snell/Cooke 65 lbs/15 reps
Thrusters - all, 65 lbs/15 reps
Bench Press - White/Harryman 115 lbs/12 reps. Snell/Cooke 75 lbs/12 reps
Thrusters - all, 65 lbs/12 reps
Bench Press - White/Harryman 135 lbs/9 reps. Snell/Cooke 95 lbs/9 reps
Thrusters - all, 65 lbs/9 reps

The bench press sequence was repeated, BUT, air squats were done in place of thrusters in the second round. White did thrusters though.

Next we loaded a curl bar with 35 lbs. and passed it around each taking their turn, and stepped the reps up by one each round. Began with 1 rep, and ramped up to 15, each person doing from 1-15 in increasing count. All told 120 reps each.

Finally, as if that wasnt enough punishment, we ended with a 2000 meter row. Of which, Snell posted a PR!!!!!!! A PR after a fat workout is very impressive. Bested his 2000 row time by 20+ seconds. That's it folks.

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