Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

No Kevin VanderEnde, no problem. The other Kevin stepped in today, The Punisher administered some pain to Hump and Morgan. They had a choice to do 25 minutes of the following or set an amount of cycles to do - they choose 6 cycles (hehehehehehe). Shoulda choosen the 25 minutes.

So it was 6 cycles of:

Row 300 meters
Push Press - 15 reps (Hump/Whitey 75 lbs., MJC 65 lbs.)
Burpees - 15
Box Dips - 25
Sit ups - 25

Finishing times:

MJC - 32:20
Hump - 37:52
Whitey - 23:58

Humphrey said something about hating burpees, and that he didnt sleep well last night, and his knee ached, and that being tall wasnt advantageous to this sort of workout, and that he wished he could do 65 lb Push Presses, and that his rower must need greasing, and that.......well you get the point.

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