Saturday, April 12, 2008


In memory of Jay Walter, the workout today was named after him. We lost Jay to cancer, and today was his funeral service. Rest in peace brother.

25 minutes of time, do as many cycles you can of:

250 meter row
Wall Ball - 14 lbs. (20 reps)
Jump Rope - 100 passes
Push Press - 75 lbs. (15 reps)/Kandi 65 lbs.
Sit-ups - 25 reps.

Harryman - 5 cycles (started 6th)
Snell - 4 cycles (into 5th)
Kandi - 5 cycles
Whitey - 6 cycles (began 7th)

Good job all, way to stay focused after a very emotional day. Good therapy doing this workout.


whitey said...

Harryman was supposed to be listed under the 'red results' first, with a cycle count of 5 & began his 6th.

Vandy said...

Here is a suggestion, When you are doing a timed workout where you are counting rounds, once you have finished lets say 6 rounds and started the 7th. How far did you get into the seventh round? Since you guys had five exercises divid the round into 5ths. if you compleated the row in round seven it is 6 1/5 rounds, if you finished the jumprope you did 6 3/5 rounds. Make sense. It is good for tacking your progress if you repeat the workout.