Monday, April 14, 2008


For today's class, Station 2 A shift was blessed with a special guest to workout along side of us - Jeff "TimMacIssac" Gordon. Even though he drives cars for a living, he's in pretty damn good shape as well. At any rate, todays workout was timed to completion:

Row 250 meters/21 Burpees/21 Box Dips
Row 250 meters/18 Burpees/18 Box Dips
Row 250 meters/15 Burpees/15 Box Dips
Row 250 meters/09 Burpees/09 Box Dips
Row 250 meters/06 Burpees/06 Box Dips
Row 250 meters/03 Burpees/03 Box Dips
Row 250 meters/21 Burpees/21 Box Dips

Kandi and Gordo got a call smack dab in the middle of the workout, but came home and finished up. Times are below. Great work by all, excellent effort. Someone sweat all over the blue pad during burpees, I wonder who it was?

Kandi 21:02
Harryman 20:56
Gordo 17:43
Snelly 23:29
Whitey 16:58

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whitey said...

I forgot to add the round of 12 burpees and 12 box dips with the obvious repeat of row distance. So, add that to the workout and you'll be good to go.