Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Longest 30 Seconds of Your Life-

Hot day, Top Dog shootings, bank robberies, Canadians... we needed something to take our minds off our troubles.

Joint Mobility, run 400m, Shoulder Dislocates, Sun Salutations, Squat Hip Forward Bends with dowel OH, run 400m, Pushups, Pullups, Sampson stretch, run 400m.

30-second cycle- 1 rep on the 3o, 2 reps on the 30, 3 reps on the 30... until you fail to make the count on any exercise on the 30 second cycle.

No rest, no time between cycles, move straight to the next exercise

Rope Pullups - Wall Ball 20# - Knees to Elbows - Burpees - Kettlebell Swings 16kg

Sprague made it through the middle of the round of 8
Scott made it through the middle of the round of 7

No time to think or complain, just sweat. We'll add time to the cycles as we get more fit (don't tell Dave, OK?).


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