Sunday, July 6, 2008

Full house beats a three of a kind

Today we had a full house for the workout. With a little pear pressure and Bob calling everyone out on the PA it work. Only two no shows. Anyway we put together a little circuit interval workout consisting of:
Push ups
Sit ups
20" box jump
20# dumbbell push press
Row for calories
20# slam ball
35# Kettle bell

The workout was 1 min of work followed by 45 sec of rest. 2 rounds total.
Keir-574 (box step ups)
Morgan-556 (box step ups)
Gabriner-no score (box step ups)
Bobby law-no score (box step ups)
Zuk- 1 round

Everyone did a great job after all the yelling, kicking, and scratching.


Vandy said...

This was my second Workout for the day. I also did the National WOD scaled to 100 pounds. (30 squat clean and jerks) Time 8:02

Bob said...

Well, it's pretty obvious that the old horse doesn't have it like he used to. I can't keep up with the young guys in most exercises but it's a good thing that I'm still in the ball park. Anyway, today's workout was akin to Fight Gone Bad though not quite as intense. Still a good one though.