Thursday, July 31, 2008

Longer Than It Seems.

Lets see, the last two workouts the A shift did were titled, "Harder Than It Looks", and "Longer Than It Seems". Not sure if I can say those things on a blog, but the workouts have a ring of truth to their titles. The workout the A shift did on 07/27 is listed below, and Humphrey gave it a try on 07/28. Players, times, and workout are listed below:

3 rounds for time:

Row - 800M/800M/800M
Kettle Bell SDLHP - 21/18/15 (24 or 16 kg)
Jump Rope - 150/150/150 passes for all 3
Push Press - 21/18/15 (75 lbs)
Knees To Elbows - 21/18/15


Harryman: 26:40
McKinney: 27:40
Humphrey: 26:11
Whitey: 20:56

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