Friday, August 8, 2008

Dirty Thirty

Mis-placed my notes from the last two workouts we did, so no entries for them, sorry. If I find them at a later date Ill post 'em. But today we had a special guest join us in our routine today, his name is Jeff "Steamworks VIP" Morino. Talked about how he played wide receiver in high school alot, and how his passion today involves mostly baton twirling and ballet........hey, to each his own right?
Moving along, the workout below is a compilation of many excercises, and the thirty reps or otherwise surrounding them. Do the stations in any order you see best for you. You'll notice that the row aspect is listed 3 times. That's not a typo, it's placed in there x3 for a purpose. Players, times, and workout is below:

Row - 30 calories
Box Jumps
Wall Ball (14 lbs)
Knees To Elbows
Row - 30 calories
Jumping Pull Ups
Push Press (75 lbs)
Box Dips
GHD Sit Ups
Push Ups
Kettle Bell (12 0r 16 kg)
Sumo Kettle Bells (up one size from your KB station)
Row - 30 calories

Boomer Shuken - 22:12
The Body Snell - 22:19
Satan Morino - 21:09
Angel Boy Whitey - 18:15

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