Friday, March 14, 2008

03/14/08, A shift Station 2

Gill, Harryman, and White tackled the following workout:
-Row 30 calories
-Push Press 21 reps
-Row 25 calories
-Push Press 18 reps
-Row 20 calories
-Push Press 15 reps
-Row 15 calories
-Push Press 12 reps
-Row 10 calories
-Push Press 9 reps
-Row 5 calories
-Push Press 6 reps
-Row 20 calories
-Push Press 3 reps

That took awhile to type, but the results truly indicate that fitness levels are improving along with strength. We all, actually hopped on a different piece of cardio equipment and went for another 10-15 minutes. And, by the way, Harryman's wife says his glute's feel tighter. I agree!!!

Times for today's workout:
Gill - 16:40
Harryman - 14:20
White - 10:24


Adam said...

Ok, lets see your push press weights.

Rachel said...

We did the same workout at St.6. The second rower couldn't count calories (it's an old wooden one) so I think Capt. Webb did a lot of extra rowing.

Times: Valenzuela 15:01 w/45 lbs
Capt. Webb 16:20 w/50 lbs

Vandy said...

Whitey did a third workout after dinner: Max rep ice cream bowl push press.

whitey said...

Push Press weight are, uh.....hmmmm, oh, lets go with.....twice as much as whatever you did Coz. Whenever you want o begin the Station 2 vs. Station 5 games, bring it on. Loser's wear pink tutu's at work. No wait, you guys might lose on purpose just to throw those tutu's on. Bragging rights it is. Just remember, John "The Body" Snell works at 2!!!