Tuesday, March 11, 2008

5 K Run

Well seems that no one really enjoys running. I was the only one. Everyone else Rowed 5 K. It is nice to see good participation on the new Concept 2 rowers. Bob had to go and lay it all on the line after he found out Whitey beat his time last week. (I'm eager to see what Whitey can put up next) Great job!
5 K Run:
-Vandy 19:48.1

5K Row:
- Bob 17:56.6
- Keir 18:56.3 (Nice work!)
- Stan 20:48.8
- Rod 24:07


Adam said...

Nice work gentlemen. You guys are definately setting the bar for the rest of us.

THS said...

Good participation from the C-5 Mafia: all on-duty personnel!

We did a long warmup then four rounds for time of:
Run 400m (around the block)
10 push press
25 box jumps
10 KB swings

Ian, Spragger and Jeff all finished within 30 seconds of each other, all under 20 minutes. Excellent intensity!

Don't forget the warmdown and streches.


THS said...

ps. 24:46 5k run at CFO. Best speed in years...