Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Duece visits the Nickel.

Participants: Ward, Tucker, Peter-Paul, and Whitey
Workout: 25 minutes, repeat circuits of.............

Row - 300 meters
Push Press - Peter-Paul & Whitey 15 reps @75 lbs./Ward & Tucker 15 reps @45 lbs.
Sit-ups - 25 reps.
Wall Ball - 15 reps. 14 lbs.
Jump Rope - 100 passes


Peter-Paul - 5 cycles + 1/5
Tucker - 4 cycles
Ward - 4 cycles + 1/5
Whitey - 6 cycles +1/5

I was asked by Dr. Glassman to go down to station 5 for the day and "see what they got down there." So I put together a workout, and somehow got Ward to agree to participate. My conclusion after witnessing "what they got here at the nickel".................... Snell is a stud!!!!!!!!

Just kidding of course, very good job today by everyone, no one gassed or complained, just kept plodding through and finished strong. (Snell is a stud though.)

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Adam said...

I guess your the man now Whitey. What happened to Pat. You must be glad I'm gone.