Monday, April 21, 2008

Memories of Bad Times

Workout today was a test of will, a contest of mind over matter. I think I heard my name followed by, or preceded by curse words during the workout. Not why sure that was, but the boys will sleep well tonight. Here it was:

Round 1
Row 500 meters
Thrusters 21 reps/75 lbs.
Kettle Bell 21 reps/White & Harryman 35 lbs. Snell 26 lbs.
Burpees 21 reps

Round 2
Row 500 meters
Thrusters 15 reps/same lbs. as Rd. 1
Kettle Bell 15 reps/same lbs. as Rd. 1
Burpees 15 reps

Round 3
Row 500 meters
Thrusters 9 reps/same lbs. as Rd. 1
Kettle Bell 9 reps/same lbs. as Rd. 1
Burpees 9 reps

Harryman - 21:20 (winner of the cursing my name contest)
Snell - 24:35
Whitey - 14:56

Comments - Harryman in the beginning of round 2, began to get sweaty palms, and started feeling "faint". He then told me, "Kevin catch me if I go unconscious, I dont feel as if I can go any further. I think I may be in V-Tach, and may need to sit this one out." It seemed to me as if Brian was having an anxiety attack, as a tear began rolling down his left cheek, he then cried out, "this reminds me of when I was in Jr. High School and the teatherball coach was mean to us and made us run for exercise, I cant go on."
After a small break and a heart felt talk with himself, Brian re-joined the workout, and FINISHED!!!!!!!! Yeah for Brian, your teatherball coach is very proud of you.
It also could have been the 8 Grey Goose martinis he had the night before.

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