Thursday, April 3, 2008

Station 2 - A shift, well sort of.

Busy day at the firehouse, so Morino and I (Whitey) decided to sneak in a morning workout. Heard some pretty strange "grunting" noises from Morino during the workout. Here's what we did: 4 rounds, 1 minute each station, 1 minute rest after all stations in round completed, counting reps. totals:


Row (calories) 19/19/20/22 23/23/23/26
Push ups 46/33/30/32 43/38/37/35
Sit ups 22/19/14/15 32/37/32/34
Jump Rope 135/117/108/110 139/140/160/165
Push Press 65 lbs. 20/17/15/17 22/22/22/25

We finished off with a 1000 meter row. Morino - 4:31, Whitey - 3:40


whitey said...

That first category for the round was a row for calorie count. Numbers are there.

Vandy said...

I take it you guys did this like Fight gone bad?