Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bob's "No Kipping" WOD

Today's National WOD was dead lifts and Hand stand push ups, and seeing how everyone loves dead lifts and HSPU I am not surprised there were not that many takers (None other than myself). Bob and everyone else came up with a workout that was:
15 rounds for time of:
2 dead hang pull ups
5 push ups
10 squats
10 sit ups

Check comments for times.

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Bob said...

I remember back in high school, they used to call kipping "cheating". Well, now we're better enlightened and we know that it isn't cheating, it's just a way to perform the same workload (or more) by sharing it between more muscle groups. But today, I wanted to just do strict hanging pull-ups just to concentrate the work on the lats, biceps and whatever other muscles you use for a hanging pull-up. Next time we'll do it with maybe four pull-ups instead of two. Two was a little too easy. (By the way, the first ten rounds were done with fifteen sit-ups, but I changed it mid stream to ten. Yeah, the old man was getting tired. Anyway, here are the times:

Quilici did it in 13:28. Morgan, 13:28, Shuken, 15:39, and I did it in 16:52.