Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Big "Five-Oh". (50)

Made up a workout today similar to one CrossFit does, but more so in response to Adam "Lib." Cooke's comments regarding Snell and mine's age, and how it relates to his. So we wanted to show Cooke that us "old guys" can still get 'er done.
The workout consisted of 50 reps of the following exercises for time. Players and results are at the bottom. 50 reps of:

Box Jumps
Push Press (65 lbs)
Kettle Bell (12 kg)
Row (50 calories)
Knees to Elbows
Wall Ball (10 lbs)

Snell - 22:38
Harryman - 24:50
Seabass - 25:00
"Girl Scout" Cookie - 29:30 (stopped at 15 burpees)
Whitey - 18:56

The whole time during the workout Cooke was flapping his pie hole about, "These results dont mean anything, cuz we're gonna get the White House. Barak is the man". A true lib., trying to deflect attention away from the real topic.
I say - Stop the ObamaNation.

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Anonymous said...

Tell Girl scout Cooke that the Women at CrossFit Oakland can do the Filthy Fifty Rx'd in under 30 mins.

Hey is Snell on the Juice? The last couple of Workouts he has been beating Harryman like a redheaded stepchild.