Friday, July 18, 2008

Man Overboard, A Shift Style!!

We saw the workout the C shift left on the white board and decided to give it a whirl. As it worked out because we had 4 players and the C shift had 6, we each had to do two 800 meter rows. The other stations were: Jumping Pull Ups/Air Squats/Jump Rope/Sit-Ups/Box Dips. Scores are posted below.

John "The Body" Snell - 815
Sebastian "Black Socks" Barbosa - 833
Brian "Mr. Perfect" Harryman - 701
Kevin "Lucifer" White - 1033

We finished and peered at the C shifts scores and collectively said W.T.F is up with the C shift. Some 400's for totals...........................WEAK. A shift rules again, enough said, out.

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