Thursday, May 8, 2008

Diane & 4 x 1000m Rows

Today's workouts are either, Diane which is a 21-15-9 of 225 pound deadlift and hand stand push ups, or 4 x 1000m rows for time. Rest 3-5 min. between rows. If you want to run do 4 x 800m. Remember, check you ego at the door and if you are unfamiliar with an exercise scale it back or substitute it out. Don't be greedy. Post workout details to comments.


Bob Humphrey said...

Bob's Tabata. I modified last shift's tabata because I hit muscle fatigue so early in the rounds (doing pushups and pull-ups) that I didn't feel I got a good workout. For my modified tabata I did the same exercises but did them sequentially rather than 8 rounds of one exercise before moving to the next. I.E. one round consisted of 20 seconds of pull-ups followed by 20 seconds of push-ups, 20 seconds of sit-ups, and then squats. That's round one. I did eight total rounds and then added my scores up. For the record, i did54 pull-ups, 88 push-ups, 81 sit-ups, and 113 squats for a total of 326.


Vandy said...

My back was a little sore for the past couple of days so I did the speed interval on the treadmil today. With max speed at 10 MPH. It ended up being almost 5 1/2 mile total.

Adam said...

Humphrey you are an animal. Did you ever think you would do 54 pullups during a workout?